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Theres A Door Heres How To Get On The Other Side of It

I decided to write this since a lot of people seem interested in lockpicking but haven't really considered the alternatives. The sole reason a person should need to pick the lock on 99% of the doors out there is because they don't want to leave evidence at the scene. There are so many other ways to get around the thing, even the author of the MIT Guide to Lockpicking agrees. The following methods are those I've had experience with, so you'll get the info first hand, not book theories on the subject.

Anyways, enough useless chatter. On to the methods:


Undoubtedly one of the most time consuming methods to get access to an area, but quiet and leaves no traces. As said above, this should only be done when you need to be quiet and more importantly - when you need to leave as little evidence as possible.

Lockpicking takes practice to cut down the ETA of opening a lock. It takes futher practice to be able to use objects such as bobby-pins to unlock them. As there are numerous guides on the subject, there's no need to explain how this is done.


In my mind, this is the number 1 method of getting through a door. Most people screw up by putting a nice, fancy lock on a big door... which is in turn attached to a weak wooden frame.

Shoulder the door open, do not kick. This way you can hold the knob while you open the door, reducing the noise considerably. You can also ram the door a lot harder this way than you can with your foot, trust me. Aim for the center of the door.

If it fails, try getting a running start. Just don't overdo it and dislocate your shoulder.

Another trick, if you don't mind the huge amount of noise, is drop kicking the door. I tried this once, and I'll never do it again. It exerts a MASSIVE amount of force onto the door, more than likely opening it. Unfortunately, you tend to hit the ground/porch/cement steps rather hard, and the noise is incredible to boot.

Recommended method #1.


Another classic method, also works on the principal of a strong lock and door, but weak frame.

This is also a lot quieter than ramming, but you still get a nice pop when the doorknob rips away from the frame. You can use anything sturdy that has a relatively flat side on one end. Crowbars and prybars are probably best suited, as well as large screw drivers or tire irons.


By this, I mean opening the lock from the inside, while standing outside. If the door has a window, punch through it. If there are wired, cut them. I wear leather gloves, so I don't face the problem of being cut. A word of advise though, don't half-ass your punch. Hit the thing with everything you've got, it hurts much less. Naturally, if there is a heavy object nearby, use it instead.


Instead of attacking the door, attack a window. Glass is easier to get through than metal or wood (usually). Send a rock through the goddamn thing. If you need to remain quiet, tape it up and shoulder it, so the whole window falls as one. You could experiment with suction cups of some sort (plunger?) to slowly ease the window to the floor.

I've also seen pellet guns quietly break a window. A friend of mine shot the window of a trailer in the town he lives in with his pellet rifle. The window simply cracked instantly and fell to the ground. The only noise made was that of his gun and the glass hitting mostly carpet. Not too loud, to be honest, though results will obviously vary.


Glass cutter, and again you can experiment with suction cups to ease the piece out instead of letting it fall where it will make more noise. This is a fairly quiet method though, when done right. My friend is pretty handy with a glass cutter, and I've got one on my wishlist at the moment because of it.


Every now and then you'll run into an old crappy window that you can just unscrew and pull out. If you have a brain, you'll know how to remove them. If you have the time and want no traces of evidence, screw it back in when finished.


Sliding windows generally are like this: There's the screen on the outside, and then there's the sliding glass on the inside. Simply pry the screen out and try prying the window up. There's probably at least 1 window which isn't locked into place. Some that are locked can be forced open with brute force anyways. One time I was locked out of my own house and all the windows were latched shut. So... I took the tire iron out of my car of pryed the damn thing open. This obviously damaged the latch, but hey...

Anyways, this is another recommended method of entry.


Some buildings are build on top of cinder blocks, leaving a large space underneath of it to navigate. Obviously you'll need either a flashlight or NV. Also beware of any poisonous snakes or spiders (they like dark places like this). Anyways, look for any place you might be able to create a good sized hole. When I did this, I ripped out a vent and cut a manhole using a petty Swiss Army Knife saw (albeit it took a while).

The cool thing about this is that there is no external evidence, and not many people place shock sensors for their security systems on the floor.


Quicker than picking, just as quiet, the only downfall is the presence of evidence. Done this many times. My method is to simply drill the pins out and turn the inside using damn near anything. You can use a hand-drill, but they can be pretty tough to do. It took me half an hour to drill through a dead-bolt using one. Get a battery powered one instead! This method is also great on padlocks.


One incident that just came to mind was one time where me and two friends ran across a shed with a big steel hasp and one big fucking lock. The funny part? The screws were on OUR side of the hasp. So, I simply whipped out my leatherman and took the hasp off. Schools also seem to do this a lot.

Inside the shed was a nice ATV, keys and all. I could have (and should have) taken the thing without it ever being traced back to me.

Anyways, this leaves no evidence as you can always screw it back into place. It's also quiet and quick, to boot.


Another good method for businesses and public facilities (schools and the like) is to simply wait inside until lockdown. Hide where someone won't see you. Don't be a dumbass and hide in the janitor's closet, because he's usually the last one to leave, and that'll probably be his last stop.

If there's a security guard, he'll probably do a shitty job, just don't get to cocky - he still has 2 working eyes.


This has gotta be the absolute best method I've ever seen when it comes to getting into a lot of places, for obvious reasons. The only downfall is that the owner is then going to be worried of a break-in, so make you move quickly!

I've only pulled this off once, and it was on a friend. Of course, it was the only time I tried, and I gave the keys back of course. Still, you don't know how many keys I've heard of being stolen by my friends and others I know at bars, restaurants, cars, etc.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. Oh sure, there's more: Blowing up the lock, driving a car through it, etc. Seriously though, these are too loud even for me haha.

Anyways, consider all the alternatives you can. Even if the idea sounds totally outrageous, just remember that whoever owns the building you're trying to get in probably thinks so too - and he isn't expecting it!

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