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Anarchy '05

Updates On Bussiness.
Homemade Fireworks and shit
The Library of Lists To Do.
The Archives of HOW TO...
The Anarchists Chemical Cook Book
Sacams, Locks, Security, Hacks
Join or Contact
Members and Ranks

Members and Ranks

Leaders, Founders, and Elites

Shade Crawling
Founder, and leader of the Vampyric Division wich focuses on CV

leader of the Snaps Division wich focuses on GS
Vicious Jack
an Elite of the Vampyric Division and a representative to contacts.


...growing paces...
at this moment members are few
and most who join are elites because they are trusted highly

...for the non annonymace

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

Vampyric and Snaps