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Anarchy '05

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Join or Contact

The Path

if youd like to let us no about soemthing thats been going on we have a little chain of contacts that will get your message to me Shade Crawling the leader of The Anarchy 05'
if you want to join you have barely a chance...we like to keep members in a chain of friends and trustable contacts weve made. the only way you can become apart is if you some how come across one of us and makes it a point with me that you would make a good member otherwise you could try bringing some attention to yourself and maybe well contact to you.

alright so those meaning of contact
we like to keep it annoymous so youu can contact one of our contacts with this email:
who will forward it to vicious jack who will make a notice to me and well try to get revenge for you.

Vampyric and Snaps