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Homemade Fireworks and shit

The best, in my humble opinion...

On This Page ill give instructions to making some fire works and shit like that.
DIS CLAIMER-i am not liable for what you do wit hthem or if you try them irrospansibly.

i would liek to noteo nce more
i will not take liability for your actions what you do with this knowledge is up to you.

Battery Bomb

Alright, so you wanna make an inexpensive pressure bomb without messing with drano and sulfuric acid and all those other dangerous chemicals.(which can burn the crap out of your skin if your not careful.) All you need is a battery, a 2 liter plastic bottle, and hydrogen peroxide(3% by solution is fine), a hammer and a sharp nail. The size of the battery doesn't matter, although I don't recommend some of the D batteries because the new ones aren't dry cell anymore, and the concentrated sulfuric acid inside can burn you.

First, you might want to move everything outside, cause if you don't know what you're doing this can make a mess. Take the battery that you're using, I prefer a duracel or energizer AA battery, and set it up vertical, so the negative side is facing towards you.(That's the flat side to those who don't have a clue of what I'm talking about) Now, while holding the battery with one hand, take the nail and place it on the center of the negative side of the battery with the point of the nail against the battery. With the hand that it holding battery, you should also hold the nail in place. Gently, and I mean gently, tap the nail with the hammer until a tiny hole is in the battery. BE CAREFUL WHILE DOING THIS!!!!!!! Batteries are under pressure from the chemical reaction that takes place in them, so move your head to the side, you don't want to get sprayed! A little air should spray out of the battery, this is good, you just relieved the pressure and now the battery is basically harmless. Now, however you can get the battery open is your choice, I prefer using a hacksaw and sawing it lengthwise, but whatever you want to do. Once it's open, you will see a whole lot of black stuff and a rolled up piece of paper in the middle with silver chunks of metal. The black stuff is Magnesium Oxide, this is what you want to collect.(The silver stuff is Zinc) Use the nail to scrape it from the battery, never your hands. It contains a small amount of Sulfuric Acid in it, not enough to harm you, but some people react to things different than other people. If you have gloves, use them!!! Once you have all the "Black Stuff" from the battery, let it sit for about an hour in the sun or under a light, this will dry it out. Once dry, crush it into very fine granules so there are no chunks. (You don't have to let it dry, but the bomb will be better if you crush it up.) Alright! You're almost done, all you have to do now is pour 2 16oz. bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide(they sell for about 25 cents at Walmart) in the 2 liter bottle and add the "Black Stuff!" Viola!! there's your bomb! When you add the Magnesium Oxide, screw the cap on as fast as you can, make sure it's tight, real tight, throw it and run! You should have a very nice explosion in about 10-20 seconds!

This method is tried and true, works everytime, if you do it like I said. Be careful though, I am not taking any responsibility for your behavior! You do what you want with this information!

FireWork (or some other shit) of  the month

BAttery Bomb
quick easy
and affordable

Sanitizer Flames and Fun!

You know that instant hand sanitizer?  A bottle of it can be
endlessly entertaining, especially for those with a pyromaniac

You see, this stuff is an almost perfect mixture of alcohol and
water.  It burns -- but it burns slowly, with a steady blue glow
that scarcely even looks like flame.  This opens up endless
possibilities for really remarkable effects.

Here's how to use it:

Find a flat, heat-proof surface.  A tile floor will do in a pinch,
as will the inside of your kitchen sink, but it's safer (and
roomier) to work outdoors.  If you have a balcony or back patio,
great.  Otherwise you'll have to work on the driveway and risk
drawing attention.  But you're smart kids.  You'll figure
something out.

Now comes your real opportunity for creativity.  Get yourself a
bottle of sani.  A flip-top container is preferable to a pump
bottle; it draws more even lines.  And drawing lines is what you
want to do -- outlining whatever it is you'd like to see in

I should reiterate:  Even, consistent lines are key.  Draw your
lines too thin, and they won't light.  Make them too thick or
sloppy, and they will flare and spread, leaving your image hard to

Start simple:  a line, a circle, an X, a couple of block capitals
or a smiley face.  Touch a match to it, and watch the blue glow
spread across the whole layout.

If you have disconnected sets of lines (such as that smiley face),
you don't necessarily have to light them separately.  It may work
to draw a "filament" between them -- a line thick enough to
communicate the flame, but thin enough to burn itself out
afterwards without disturbing the picture.  Experiment:  it isn't
always possible, but when it works it's a great effect.

Once you've learned to make clean, even lines, you can draw images
of more complexity.  You could try simple cariacatures or
cartoons; for clarity's sake these should be drawn as large as
possible.  Writing in cursive and lighting the first stroke can
give an "invisible penman" effect.  Making pools of sani and
connecting them produces a flaming mountain range.  I am certain
you can come up with more.

When the fire goes out, the sani may -- especially if it contained
aloe or moisturizers -- leave a slimy residue.  Don't bother
trying to re-light this stuff:  it won't burn.  It is harmless and
will go away.

The same can't be said for the sani habit.  Compulsive cleanliness
was never this much fun.

Vampyric and Snaps