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Super Casien Glue

super glue x 1000

Using three key ingredients (acetic acid, milk, bicarbonate of soda), you can make a very *STICKY* glue substance that can be a useful tool in pissing off your enemies! Some CASEIN lodged in your enemie's GASTANK or LOCKS can cost him a wealthy sum of greenbacks. Get creative with this shit! Don't get it on your hands, either...

The Following Is A Method For Extracting The CASEIN-Protein From Milk:

Heat 2 parts distilled white vinegar (acetic acid) to 5 parts skim milk over a low flame until just before it boils; stirring constantly until some cottage-cheese lookign CURDLES begin to appear of the surface of the milk. This is the casein precipitating!

Now remove it from the heat source and filter through wire-strainer/cheesecloth so all that remains is the casein (a.k.a cottage*cheese*shit).

Now dump this into a cup and pour over 10 ml water.

Add some Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) to neutralize the acid (vinegar), and stir vigarously. It should become a very *THICK PASTE*.

Now apply this to wherever you may, and let dry (the only downside is it takes about 6 minutes to completely dry).

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