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Butane Ballon


The Butane Balloon

Innocent looking balloon that transforms into giant flaming fireball when exposed to open flame.

You'll Need:

A big balloon.
A can of Butane to refill lighters like Zippos.
Sticky paper such as a ''post-it''

How to Make:

First you need to buy a large balloon, a can of butane, you get these to refill lighters that you don't just throw away. You can get butane from Walgreens. Now, the tricky part to this is that the nozzle to the butan can is very thin and small so you will need a buddy. Have one person hold the balloon's mouth over the butand nozzle, and the other to fill up the balloon. Once the balloon is full, quickly tie it in a double-knot. Now to ignite it, stick a post-it to the balloon and light the post-it on fire via lighter. The Butane is in the form of gas incase you were wondering, the butane is heavier than air so it won't arise, and the butane is pressurized so be careful. I was once doing this by myself when all of a sudden, the balloon burst. Pieces of thin ice flew everywhere, including my eyes...

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