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Explosive Paper

Explosive Paper

An excellent absorption explosive can be made from a solution of PETN, acetone and mineral oil. When any non-gloss paper i.e. newspaper, paperback books,corrugated cardboard, etc... is dipped in a explosive solution and when removed and allowed to dry, the paper will retain its original texture and appearance along with a microcrystaline high explosive incorporated into the fiber content of the paper. This produces a disguised explosive that can be carried into a target area without arousing suspicion.which is the major advantage of the explosive.




Mineral oil


1.)Fill a canning jar 2/3 full of acetone and heat until mildly warm by placing the canning jar in a pan or bucket on heat source when it contains the canning jar.

2.)Add PETN to the acetone, a tablespoon a time, while stirring with a stirring rod. Stir the solution until the PETN dissolves. Add more PETN until it no longer dissolves into solution, even after five minutes of stirring. Approx 1/3 lb of PETN will dissolve in every lb of warm acetone used.

3.)Approx 2% mineral should be added to the final solution. This mineral oil will prevent the crystals of PETN from recrystalizing to a noticeable size when the acetone evaporates. The mineral oil will also provide a better texture to the paper when it is dry after the soaking process.

4.)Pour this solution into a large, flat pan and then fill the pan with even sheets of a non gloss paper.The non gloss sheets are used so because glossed sheets are highly glazed and are not that absorbernt.If rolled newspaper is used, unroll it and lay it out evenly in the an. Allow the paper to soak for 30 minutes.

5.)After soaking for 30 minutes, remove the paper and allow to dry for at least 24 hours. DO NOT DRY IN AN OVEN. After the papr has had time to dry, 50 % of its weight will consist of a microcrystaline high explosive intimately incorporated into the fiber content of the paper.

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