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Car Bomb

Car Bomb

1. Safety

I don't just preach about safety shit because I don't want any lawsuits, It often helps in the outcome of your "project". If/when you try to build these, always go about them in a scientific manner, basically trying the mixes out in a vary small amount, staying a safe distance away, and tinkering with it till you have gained the desired effect. Stuff like "Yah dood lets put a bunch in here and throw it at that old guys trash can" Will end up fucking you in the ass in the long run. Wear proper attire for these duties, or find a nice area in which you can leg it the fuck behind a little knoll or large peice of cement when your project goes off. Always have an escape route. (Preferrably the woods, if you know the area well.)This has saved me from police several times. Now that I'm done ranting about this, let us get started.



  • Potassium permanganate (found at sears)
  • 2 Pill bottles (ones that are the same size and will fit into a hole in a gas tank.)
  • Ziploc Bags if you don't have a pill bottle
  • water and food coloring
  • Stop watch or a way of telling time in seconds
  • writing utensil and paper


The car bomb is actually a tweeked version of the "draino bomb". I tried this one myself (with draino liquid, they didn't have the powder at wal-mart.) and when I tested the gasoline and the draino liquid nothing happened, except the mixture turned yellow. Now back to the potassium permanganate. This substance is usually in the form of small black balls, but it could come in powder too. I'm not sure whether or not this stuff will ignite due to friction, but I wouldn't recommend grinding up the stuff unless you're using glass/plastic/wood utensils to do so. Anyways. Get a glass bowl, or some sort of container with an open end that gasoline will not eat away, and fill it with gasoline enough so that one of the pill bottles will be completely submerged. Here's where you bust out your watch. Fill one of the pill bottles with water (food coloring in it), and seal it. Since water is more dense than gas the pill bottle should sink to the bottom with heavily colored water. If you don't have any pill bottles, you just use the ziplocs as a substitute. With these you have to be cautious... I always cut 30s off of my time anyway but you can make your getaway time relatively long with this method, as long as you can still fit your bags into a tank (one inside another). Watch your clock, and as soon as a little bit of colored water leaks out, stop your watch and record the time. That's how much time you have to leg it the fuck out of the vicinity when you decide to blow up this muffucka's car. Now that you have that out of the way, you can now take your other pill bottle, and fill it with the permanganate. MAKE SURE to rinse and dry off the pill bottle incase some of the potassium residue got on it. Now, wait till it's dark outside, dress in some dark clothes but nothing to conspicuous, and go for a stroll. Pop it in your enemies gas tank and start your timer.


This is yet another little bit of tweekage from the draino ideas. A pipe bomb, which can be detonated exactly like the last one, or by concussion (Slamming the sonofabitch on something and huckin' it. ETA to detonation is roughly 1 minute this way.)


  • baby food jar OR pill bottle
  • Gasoline
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Pipe, with caps (has to be wide enough in diameter for the baby food jar or the pill bottle to fit)
  • Shrapnel (If you're looking to cause some serious HaVoK or to be stupid and kill someone)

Much like last time, you do your tests unless you're doing the baby food jar, which you can still do a test by taking a table spoon or so of the permanganate and a tablespoon of the gas and mixing them, staying a respective distance away and timing it till it begins to fire up like a pothead at 4:20.

Glass baby food jar: Take your pipe, cap one end. put some of your shrapnel in it.

GENTLY slide your baby food jar down the tube (holding it sideways and using an object to push it in works fine.) Fill the tube up with gas. If you want more shrap, take some 100MPH tape and tape a bunch of nails to it n shit.. Now, to get this little fucker to blow, you simply whack it onto a hard object and huck it at your target, followed by a quick getaway. About a minute later (Or if you weren't stupid, and timed it) You'll hear the results.

Pill bottle: Basically the same method, but you pre-tape your goodies to the outside first, and be ready to cap that sumbitch as soon as you put the pill bottle into the pipe. Again, huck it at your target or place it, and leg it the fuck out. Again, if you weren't a dumbass and timed it, you should have a relative sense of when it should blow. You'll hear the results and/or see and hear them at the designated time.


Remote detonation bomb with walkie talkies


  • Car battery
  • walkie talkie set
  • Pipe w/ caps
  • gun powder or any other substance that will rapidly oxidize while under pressure
  • Power drill
  • copper wire, your mom's lamp cord (5-10ft would be fine, and you want wire that is fine, it gets hot faster causing your bomb to blow.)

      Here's where the fun begins

      I really don't want to go indepth with circuit boards and shit, so I'll just tell you the easy way to tell where the spark comes from. Pop open one of your walkie talkies. There should be two wires leading to your speaker. Where those two wires go into the little green thing, put your fingers on it. Turn on both walkie talkies and press the button on the one you aren't touching your fingers to and begin to talk. Your talk should be interrupted by a sharp "MOTHERFUCKER!" or some other obscenity because you just shocked yourself. If this doesn't shock you, keep doing that method till you find a part that does.

      Now, if your little walkie talkie isn't a cheap sonofabitch, with a light, digital screen, shit like that.. I dunno if it WONT fry from the extreme voltage from the car battery. Get a ghetto stile one that is two-way but still has a nice range >=^). Now here's what you do: Rip open the back of your walkie talkie where the batteries go in. Take some of your wire, and attach the positive of the car battery to the positive of the little doohicky in the walkie talkie. Do the same with negative... it's like hookin' up a huge ass 9volt or some shit. Secure these wires. Now, while keeping the talkies OFF, go back to the speaker and slice the speaker off from the cords, but don't rip the cords off unless you feel like saudering the new ones on. Take some more wire and hook 1 wire to one of the wires you just cut the speaker from. Do the same with another, on the other cord. Now, take a small light bulb and tape the two wires to it. Put a peice of tape over the LED (little light on the front of the walkie talkie, if it has it) incase it decides it wants to explode. Turn the frankensteined walkie talkie ON.

      Back away.

      Turn the other walkie talkie on.

      Watch the lightbulb, and press the button on your walkie talkie as if you were about to talk to the person on the other line. If the light blinks, explodes, or gets any other electrical signal, SUCCESS! Now, I'm pretty sure the circuit board is fried, and you might wanna get another cheap ass pair of walkie talkies.


      Take a pipe, with caps.

      Take a small drill bit, a drill, and a GLASS OF WATER.

      Take the caps, and drill holes through them, occasionally pouring water on the cap and bit so they don't get hot and break. ALWAYS DO THIS FIRST!!!!! If you're fuckin' stupid as shit, you'll do this while there's gunpowder or some shit inside of the pipe and you will blow yourself up. Now, remember those two wires you used to hook up to the light bulb? You stick one through one hole of the cap, one through the other (so when you cap the shit the wires will touch eachother. You want to connect the wires in the middle.). You want the parts of the wires that are inside the tube to be STRIPPED, so they'll get hot and light the shit faster. DO NOT CONNECT THE WIRES TO THE WALKIE TALKIE YET. -|--------|- "|" represents the caps. "-" represents the wire. This is what the wire should look like when it's inside of the tube and it's capped. Cap one end, you could throw some toilet paper down in the pipe near the hole so none of the powder leaks out. Fill it up with powder, AS FULL AS YOU CAN GET IT WITHOUT GRINDING IT. usually filling it, and tapping the outside of the pipe will make it settle down a bit. Do this till it wont settle anymore. Put the other cap on. Now, you take the wires sticking on the outside of your bomb and hook them up to the wires where the speaker used to be on your walkie talkie. hook up the battery to the walkie talkie. Now you TAPE the bomb to the battery. You can also tape shrapnel to it for even more destructiveness. You take this delicate package to your target destination, AT NIGHT, and go hide somewhere. You could either wait till the next day, or blow it up by remote right there. This bomb, theoretically, will blow up, causing sulfuric acid to fly in every direction, along with any other types of high velocity goodies you rigged to it. I haven't tested this theory, but I'm 90% sure it will work. I've been typin on this bitch for about an hour now... I might post some other ideas later on. Hope you have fun with these.

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